heal yourself with yoga

Yoga is a holistic approach to well being. It has physical, emotional and spiritual dimensions.

Yoga by definition means union. It is the union of the physical body to the highest level of consciousness. It is the process of blocking all modifications of the mind. In this context we proceed from balancing the gross physical body and move towards the subtle consciousness. Well-being, good health, happiness, fitness are just the benefits we derive from yoga. Our Happiness To Life Yoga program provides various yoga sequences that meet the specific needs of our clients


Dive in the World Of Health & Fitness

Discover the healing power of yoga

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Hatha Yoga

Health and Well-being

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Vinyasa/Power Yoga

Flexibility and Fitness

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Diet and Lifestyle

Detox and Weight Loss

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Gentle Yoga

Balance your body mind and spirit

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Restorative Yoga

Yoga for body healing and relaxation

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Mindfullness meditation

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